Donna Sigl-Davies, LPCC-S

Change can be difficult. We can find ourselves feeling sad, scared, lonely, angry, or any number of uncomfortable feelings. Our bodies often become weary, tense, or suffer from headaches and other physical symptoms. Everything can feel in question. We’re left not knowing what comes next or how to make sense of it all.

I am passionate about working holistically with people who see change and chaos as an opportunity for healing and transformation.

Counseling is meant to be inclusive and accepting of all communities. I welcome and value the opportunity to work with people from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences.

I work with adults who:
Actively long for peace, joy, intimacy and belonging,
Courageously try to voice and own their truth(s),
Desire to live whole-heartedly and with integrity,
Work at taking responsibility for what is theirs, take action in their own lives and in their community and…
Are willing to sit it with the letting go, grief, despair and acceptance that is sometimes necessary.

Holistic counseling focuses on the wholeness of who we are as opposed to only mitigating symptoms.
All parts of you and your experience are welcome here – this is an opportunity to explore the conflicting and uncomfortable feelings, values, and needs we all have but often struggle with accepting.

As partners, we’ll expand your self-compassion, identify your strengths, core needs, values, and resources. We’ll empower you in using the skills and competence you bring and together build skills where necessary.

Holistic Counseling may involve:
Becoming more aware of how the stories we tell ourselves impact us as well as noticing how our stories may or
may not align with “the story” as our body remembers and holds it.
Learning to both speak and listen with more empathy and effectiveness.
Strengthening healthy personal authority and self-leadership to inform choices and actions.
Awakening to mind-body connections through breathwork, tracking body sensations and impulses and
playing with movement.
Enhancing your relationship with art, music and nature for relaxation, grounding and inspiration.
Exploring your relationship to spirituality, gratitude, intention, mindfulness & simplicity.

Here’s what a client has said about our work together:
“Working with Donna, I have learned so much about the cumulative effects of trauma in my nervous system. Though this work was new to me, I felt immediately safe and secure working with her. Donna was focused, deliberate, and amazingly intuitive in helping me become aware of my body and how it responded to the stories we discussed. She provided a compassionate witness and support at the appropriate times and at the pace I required. I was able to address some profoundly traumatic experiences from my past and create a kinder relationship with myself. I have improved my relationships with my family. My business and community engagement works are stronger. I feel healthier, make better choices, and have more resiliency in handling obstacles, stress, and challenges. My journey with Donna has been one of the more profound experiences of my life.”

Donna Sigl-Davies, MA, LPCC-S is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with nearly 30 years of experience in the fields of mental health, higher education, non-profits, and juvenile justice. She has training in trauma-informed body psychotherapy (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), Internal Family Systems, Functional Family Therapy, Non-Violent (Compassionate) Communication, Story-Listening, Couples Therapy, Mindfulness, Vulnerability & Shame, Stages of Life & Life Transition, Perennial Spirituality, and Ecological Psychology.

Donna previously taught at the University of Dayton and the Methodist Theological School of Ohio. Additionally, she provided clinical supervision to counselors in training, offered organizational consultation, and facilitated groups, workshops, retreats, and professional and leadership development training.

To Request Services: E-mail acknowledging who referred you, a brief summary of your interest/need, and any questions you have. Availability varies.

Rates/ Insurance: Counseling sessions are $145/hour. Partial Hardship Fee Waiver is provided for those who meet financial eligibility. Donna is in-network with Medical Mutual of Ohio. Claims can be submitted for out-of-network benefits for other insurance companies. Counseling is an eligible HSA or FSA expense.

Telephone: (614) 505.7561 x211
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